“Delivering Productivity
Oriented solutions using the
science of positivity.

The Scientific notion of positivity focuses on helping people become happier,. The more happy and positive you are, the better you perform!

How it Works?

We help you provide your team with an energetic, passionate, and hard-working environment that becomes a breeding ground for innovation and business growth.

What sets us apart?

Our purpose

India currently ranks 144th on the World Happiness Report. However, a positive outlook leads to happiness and more productivity. Our purpose is to train people to be more positive that enables them to effectively tackle any problem and obstacles that may arise.

Our science

We use tenets of Applied Positive Psychology,
which have passed through four stringent criteria.

  • Sufficient body of scientific knowledge
  • Robust statistical validation across contexts
  • Sustained impact on performance variables
  • Focus on traits that can be changed

Our outcome

Our workshop will significantly impact your Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Positivity,B2B Sales, Innovation, Productivity, Collaboration, Diversity and Inclusion, Participate, learn from the experience and then teach your peers!

About founder

Birender Ahluwalia has 30 years of General Management experience in international and domestic markets across divers industries in the B2B and B2C space. He has led and been involved in the start-up, scale-up, and transformative initiatives around business performance, productivity, and strategic innovation.

He has worked in Employee Engagement, Happiness and Well-bring, trategic Consulting , purpose/vison/values workshops, sales and CX strategy, Sales Productivity, CX, and NPS.

Birender strongly believes that positive people are more productive. This is the strategic intent behind The Positivity Company. it trains people to become more positive, and the effectiveness of the process lies in its simplicity and execution.

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